In the last ten years, consumer use of digital technology has transformed the way Business is conducted. The days of “Traditional Marketing” is over, Businesses have had to adapt to a Digital Marketing model. Unfortunately, many companies are stuck thinking their traditional efforts are working and don’t know the benefits of moving online. Worse still, there are businesses who half-heart their Digital Marketing efforts, with no clear identity or purpose.

Successful Digital Marketing doesn’t occur because of good fortune. If only it were that simple! The fact is that behind every successful marketing campaign is an excellent Digital Strategy.

Realistically, every company should have a digital strategy. The strategy is you blueprint to grow your business. Your strategy is what informs your marketing tactics and outlines how you will reach your goals online.

Usually the execution of digital tactics is what most companies need help with, however, many businesses simply do not have the knowledge to create a successful strategy.

You need a comprehensive, digital strategy that works for you, your business and your businesses objectives. A strong Digital Marketing Strategy begins on the inside. You should start with an audit of your your current efforts, including traditional and digital, and use the findings to discover what pieces are working, what pieces are missing and what you can do to get on track for success.

Many Agencies offer a one size fits all approach, unfortunately, with digital marketing one size does not fit all. Your strategy should be a mix of tactics served to the right audience at the right time.

Here are some reasons why your business needs a Digital Strategy.

1. Clear Directions

As we have alluded to, having a defined Digital Strategy allows your business to have a clear strategic goal of what your business wants to achieve online. Without a clear direction, your efforts will more than likely flounder.

2. Your Competitors Will have the edge

Okay, so strictly speaking some of your competition will gain the edge. Specifically, those well prepared strategic competitors who know where they’re going and how they want to get there. Ultimately they will have the edge over you and will be benefiting from their preparation.

3. Duplicity

Without a clear Digital Strategy, you may be allocating insufficient resources to your marketing. Further to this, not having a clear defined blueprint can result in your efforts being duplicated, ruining your opportunity to make a real impact.

Ultimately, marketing your business without a plan can harm your business more than it could help it. Now, creating an effective Digital Strategy is something that you can do in-house yourself, however, having the assistance of a knowledgeable team can help identify goals and angles that may not come to light otherwise.

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