At its core, every business should have the desire to broaden its reach to prospective clients. In order to achieve this, businesses should have a strong online presence that will appeal to their target audience. Although there are a number of ways to create a buzz around your business, the most cost-effective way is through Search Engine Optimisation (aka SEO). SEO is a multi dimensional technique and process that helps to get your business found online and pushed further up the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

In layman’s terms,  SEO is a way in which you can tweak your online content to appeal to search engines so that they can recommend you and your content to your target audience.

Let’s look at two influential aspects of strong SEO:


The foundations of SEO lie in keywords. What are keywords? When someone searches for anything on a search engine, the words they enter are keywords. The keywords are checked against all the content out there on the internet and the web pages are brought back in the results in order of relevancy.

Keyword Breakdown

When it comes to keywords, there are two types:

Short Tail – Short Tail Keywords are the broad (typically) one word searches like Pizza. Because of the broad nature of the search, this could return anything from pizza restaurants and takeaways to recipes for making pizza’s utensils and anything in between. See, Search Engines will return any and all mention of pizza and compile them into a list. That means that if your newbie pizza store has been trading for just a month, you will probably end up on page 20+, with no change of being found.

Long Tail – Long Tail Keywords are, well, longer. They are more detailed searches that help narrow down results for users looking for a specific thing. In eCommerce sense these are the customers you are searching for because they know exactly what they want. In the pizza example, your newbie pizza store will have far more opportunities to rank highly for Long Tail Keywords like “Pizza Shop in (your town/city)”.

Content Quality

You have all your ducks in a row with your keyword targets, but can you pass the relevancy test that the big search engines put in front of you. Wouldn’t it be great to rinse and repeat the same articles, word for word and see your ranking sky rocket? It would, but you would also be struggling to find anything relative if you needed to find something.

Search engines are wise to the old rinse and repeaters, they analyse the content on a page to judge whether it is fresh, relevant and brings anything to the table. Back to the pizza example, Search Engines ask themselves, if I was Joe Blogs looking for a pizza shop in Timbuktu, would Tony’s Pizza’s in Timbuktu be better or worse than Luigi’s Pizza’s in Bristol?

It’s not just the relevancy you need to worry about. Content is judged upon its ability to engage readers, if your content isn’t interesting and able to capture the imagination, there is very little chance that you will get anywhere near the top of the SERP’s

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