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The Lowdown on Digital Strategy

A Digital Strategy is a plan of action for your Online Marketing. Ideally it should be a 12 month plan which should consider your objectives, target market and what activities you are going to undertake in order to reach them.

The Digital Strategy Process

Getting your Digital Strategy right is essential. We focus on the details that create the bigger picture. The first step is the blueprint stage where we identify the KPI’s for a 12 month strategy. You will receive a copy of an initial draft which you will be able to review and provide feedback on before settling the final edition. The final blueprint not only serves as the strategy bible but is also great for sharing your vision, so that everyone is on board with what your business is trying to achieve with its online marketing.

Why Do You Need a Digital Strategy?

In order to achieve success, you must know what success looks like. By creating Digital Strategy Blueprint, you will have clear  goals and objectives to mould your approach to Digital Marketing. Now, as with everything in business, the objectives set out in your strategy are a sign post to your ultimate goals. The journey to get to the objectives can vary. Having an end goal in mind allows you to adapt to changes at any time.

The Digital Strategy Blueprint

  • In-depth SWOT Analysis of your business
  • Clear Goals And Objectives
  • Identified Target Audience
  • Detailed milestone signposting
  • Regular reflective analysis and evaluation
  • Areas identified for strategic manoeuvring
  • Creative Approach
  • Uniformed Voice across all channels
  • Collaboration
  • Clear and defined expectations

Is it Possible to DIY Digital Marketing? Do I need an agency?

Of course you can, You can build a strategy and execute it yourself. In fact, we have some templates, that we will be happy to send you to get you started. If you do decide to go it alone we would strongly recommend you  engage your workforce and make it a team effort. Although totally possible to execute your strategy yourself, we would highly recommend that you bring some form of third party on board at the planning stage, if only because an having an impartial perspective will prompt ideas and processes that may not have come forth. As an expert Digital Marketing Agency, we could assist you in designing an appropriate strategy within a reasonable budget.

How Could Angelton Help My Business and Digital Strategy?

We will help you create a bespoke, purpose built Digital Strategy that works with your business objectives. Afterward, it’s your call if you’d like us to implement your plan or if you’re happy to go it alone.

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