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What is Social Media?

Social Media covers a broad spectrum of online channels that allow users to create and share content, engage in conversations and debates in a public and private forum. There are hundreds, if not thousands of varied Social Platforms. As a specialist agency, Angelton Agency are experts across the big players – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn.

Angelton Social Media Marketing

Social Media has a wide reaching purpose. In business terms, paid Social Media is a viable and lucrative means to grow your brand awareness, visibility and engagement with potential customers. Social Media puts your business in the hearts and minds of other social users via Sponsored Posts, and Advertisements. Paying for social media marketing allows you to highly target your presence so you are seen by your key demographics.

Social Media also presents the opportunity to build a community around your brand via the many private groups. Social Media allows you the opportunity to get real engagement with your customer base. 


Does Your Business Need Social Media?

Social Media is at the forefront of engagement. Effective Social Media gives you the opportunity to connect at a local, national and international level. Effective Social Media can be utilised as an opportunity to celebrate your excellent customer service. Social Media also adds an unparalleled level of social endorsement and credibility. The positive engagement achieved from your social media channels, can influence the decision making of potential customers. Finally, Social Media is also a positive influence on your overall SEO score.

Effective Social Media Marketing

  • Clear Strategy
  • Consistent Content Schedule
  • Composite of Text, Image & Video
  • Strategic timing of posts
  • Reliable, Timely Responses
  • Focus on increasing following
  • Uniform Business Voice
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • In-House Training

Can I D.I.Y. my Social Media Marketing?

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you will no doubt have some form of familiarity with and indeed have some sort of presence on at least one Social Media platform. You can indeed manage your businesses presence on Social Media. Social Media Management is a time consuming process that requires consistency and dedication, which can go one of two ways –

A) You fail to keep up the consistency

B) Your attention is diverted from focusing on your business

By Outsourcing your Social media Marketing to a dedicated company like Angelton Digital Marketing Agency, gives you the freedom to dip in and out of your Social channels, safe in the knowledge that your business continues to generate relevant, consistent, engaging content.

How Can Angelton Digital Marketing Agency help my business?

As with all of our services, we initiate a strategy to create a bespoke, purpose-made Social Media Management service that works towards your business objectives.  We will work with you to create a highly engaged, relevant and popular social channels.

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